Jimmi offers Jas some calming advice about coming through troubling experiences and says he believes Al is just misguided, not dangerous. Jas feels comforted but her tranquillity is shattered when she returns to The Mill to find her car has been broken into and her possessions rifled through. Nothing appears to have been taken, but Jas is still shaken.

PC Miles is thrown by the lack of obvious motive and questions Jas; does she have anyone who she thinks would have a vendetta against her? An old boyfriend, perhaps? Jas does have her suspicions, but with yesterday’s false accusations still on her mind, bites her tongue. Back at home, it’s clear Jas is being watched, through the camera installed in her living room, and as she undresses, pictures start being taken and saved…

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe has a day off work, and her alone time making breakfast and feeding the ducks in the park is just a stark reminder of how lonely she is. She’s passing by a church when she sees the fateful sign ‘What’s Missing From Our Ch**ch? U R’ and finally relents. She goes and sits outside St Bernadette’s and tries to go in, but bottles it and leaves, still afraid of facing Gordon again.

Also, Jimmi helps a youngster accused of sex crimes understand why he needs to follow his own moral compass rather than those around him.