Jimmi comforts Karen

Jimmi tells Julia he is going to see Karen later. When he arrives it is clear Karen is in a state and she tells Jimmi she is pregnant – he already knows but doesn’t tell her. Jimmi gives Karen the options – it’s her choice and he can’t tell her what to do.

When the front door goes, Karen assumes it is Jack but to her horror it’s Rob. She sends a reluctant Jimmi out to intercept him. Rob has only come to collect clothes and leaves quickly. Jimmi finds Karen in bits – she doesn’t know what she is doing anymore.

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe is determined to make a few changes to the smooth running of The Mill. Heston discovers her in the staff room and over tea, persuades Mrs Tembe to tell him her impressions of her fellow workers – her answers are rather frank!

Also, Rob’s earlier visit to Jack’s halls of residence has led someone to see him in a whole new light.

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