At the partners meeting, Howard and Daniel praise Zara for her recent work around ethics, but Jimmi calls Zara a hypocrite and brings up her bullying of Sid. Howard ends the meeting as Daniel accuses Jimmi of having a vendetta. Later, Howard tells everyone that there will be an important meeting tomorrow for all staff and everyone suspects it’s about bullying and look to Zara, who storms out, followed by Daniel, much to Jimmi’s delight. 

Sid’s housemate Alex wants to replace their miserable housemate Rachel with his model girlfriend Delphine. Later, Rachel tells Sid and Alex that she suffers from anxiety attacks and a sympathetic Alex reveals that his sister suffered the same thing.

Niamh is concerned when she sees Sean and Daniel exchanging numbers in the corridor, until Sean tells her Daniel just wants him the paint his bathroom. Later, Niamh checks on Sean’s painting work at the clinic and sees that he has painted a landscape of Ireland. She tells him to change it but a mischievous Al says he quite likes it.