In an attempt to sell their house, Cherry enlists the help of house therapist Rocky. Jimmi is dubious about Rocky’s credentials as he heads out to work and the sound of drilling makes him rush home. Jimmi’s unimpressed with his revamped living room and starts to rearrange the furniture. But when Rocky has a panic attack, Jimmi lies that he loves the revamp!

Jimmi manages to get Rocky out of the house and starts to tone down his efforts. Cherry returns home and loves the minimalist work that Rocky has done, proud of Jimmi for letting him get on with it. If only she knew!

Julia is driven to a meeting by chauffeur Helen, a woman whose husband Andrew is in a hospice after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease seven years ago. She has since begun a relationship with Mike, who her daughter Olivia doesn’t know about. Helen tells Julia that her relationship with Mike has brought her alive again but she feels so guilty.

Julia urges Helen to be honest with Olivia and they head to the hospice where Olivia is with her dad. Olivia is angered when Helen introduces Mike to Andrew, but Helen explains to Olivia that Andrew always wanted her to find someone else. When Olivia sees her father reach out to Mike in approval, a bridge is built and mother and daughter unite.