Jimmi fears he’ll be a bad father

Jimmi is now all positive about Heather and the baby, and goes on and on to a concerned Al about how the embryo develops. Al expresses his frustration to Niamh about Jimmi’s fears of repeating his own father’s mistakes but she simply tells him to just support his friend.

Heston’s car backfires outside a garage and the owner, Barry, recognises him and offers to drop him off at the hospital. But Heston is soon caught up in a drama between Barry and his cocky stepson, J.P. Barry wants J.P to follow his dream of becoming a racing driver but also to help run the business, leaving Heston to help the pair see they can work together.

Howard and Rob are discussing what a nightmare Patch O’Hanlon, 29, the new Assistant Head of Security in Letherbridge University is, so they persuade ex security guard Barry to come back to replace him. Karen reminds him that it’s Rob who got him his job back, so Barry introduces him to his mate who is an estate agent. They will be in their dream home in no time.