Jimmi gets a surprise from Hermione

Jimmi is getting lunch at a café when he’s surprised by a pair of hands over his eyes. He turns around and there she is – Hermione, the girl he met at the support group yesterday! Hermione flusters briefly at the informality of her greeting, but then goes in for a kiss, acknowledging that this is just a demonstration of what she spoke about in the meeting. 

Hermione explains this is her new coping technique – as she’s spent a long time paralysed by fear of her own actions and the unpredictable things she fears she’s capable of, she’s now compensating by behaving spontaneously then dealing with the consequences. As Jimmi tries to preach restraint to her, she opens a pot of jam and smears it on her shirt. Better to just do it than live in fear of what might happen. 

Jimmi’s tried aversion therapy, but never anything like this. Hermione apologises for being weird then, suddenly, she’s gone. As she returns to plant another quick kiss on Jimmi and invite him to meet her on Monday at The Icon, Jimmi’s left stunned… and a little thrilled.

Back at The Mill, Zara discovers a parcel addressed to Howard contains hair restoring tonic. Still annoyed about his patronising behaviour over staff time-keeping yesterday, Zara creates a childish image of Howard both completely bald and with flowing locks and the posters are soon plastered all over the surgery. Howard confronts Zara but feels duly chastised when she tells him if he won’t give any respect, he can’t expect to get any!

Also, Mrs Tembe gets embroiled in the fate of a young couple whose wedding day is threatened by an outbreak of cold sores on the face of the hysterical young bride.