Simon finds Cherry frantically having a clear out at 6.30am in the morning. She’s banishing all things pink and is going to discover ‘a whole new me!’ Simon thinks she’s fine the way she is, but she’s adamant that men worth having, like Jimmi, want a serious woman – not a bubbly blonde!

When scheming Zara delights in telling Cherry that Jimmi and Harriet got on like a house on fire, Cherry is gutted and later snaps at Jimmi. Jokingly, Jimmi asks if she’s jealous, and soon realises that she really is when she flounces out, on the verge of tears. Jimmi goes after her…

Meanwhile, Cherry meets young Ben and offers to drive him to Oakfield Lake, where they find Ben’s distressed dad Steve jumping into the waters. Cherry dives in after him and Steve, panicking, accidentally knocks Cherry unconscious. She begins to sink.

Jimmi and Ben drag Steve out, then Jimmi jumps in after Cherry. Jimmi eventually manages to release Cherry and surfaces. As she’s unconscious and not breathing, Jimmi gives Cherry the kiss of life. As she comes round, the first person she sees is Jimmi staring down at her.

In other developments, Zara plays nursemaid to an ailing Julia.

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