Al questions Jimmi on his date with Heather and is shocked to find he doesn’t really know much about her. She comes in to see Jimmi, revealing she’s broken it off with Phil but has nowhere to live. In the staff room, they both agree this is the craziest thing they’ve ever done and head home.

Al tells an over-talkative patient, Jenny, to do what makes her happy when she tells him that her sister-in-law, Dorothy, wants her to sell her house and move in with her. They burst into Al’s surgery, with Dorothy claiming that Al is trying to shark Jenny out of her property by starting a relationship with her. But Jenny finally stands up to Dorothy and tells her she is keeping her home.

Mrs Tembe asks after Ayesha as Sierra went to her new family yesterday. At the staff meeting, it’s revealed that Mrs Tembe has won the hamper but she offers it to Ayesha. Ayesha finds the gesture rude, a way of highlighting her incompetence, however, she does take the champagne.