Tommy is at home pretending that his mother, Elspeth, hasn’t died. Jimmi arrives at the house and, finding the door unlocked, he ventures inside to find Elspeth’s dead body. Tommy arrives home and reveals that he’s worried about coping without his mother. Eventually, Jimmi persuades him to call a funeral director. Once alone, Tommy constructs a replica of his mother with her clothes, telling her that he’s planning to bring her soul back.

Heston has a difficult conversation with Mrs Green about a funeral and promises to look at the death certificate, while Kevin contacts Stuart Houghton and arranges a job interview. As Heston goes through the death certificates, what will he uncover?

Emma’s excited that Niamh is moving in but Karen warns Emma that she’ll be playing ‘gooseberry’ with Niamh and Al. When Niamh arrives she has Al with her and Emma tries to ignore the pair’s giggling. When she hears a smash, she finds a vase broken. Niamh is apologetic but Emma tells her she should go with Al.