Kay is out walking after arguing with her mother, Mary, when a mugger, Max grabs her purse and leaves her unconscious. Max finds the keys to her house and takes advantage of Mary’s blindness. Jimmi spots Kay and takes her to the hospital and she explains that looking after her mother is putting her life on hold. Back at home, they are surprised to see Mary relaxed amidst a burgled house, having scared Max off. Later, Kay stands up to her mother.

Meanwhile, Kevin returns to The Mill, afraid that Poppy will expose their affair. A harmless present from an unidentified sender nearly tips Kevin over the edge, until Mrs. Tembe informs him that it came from his mother.

Also, Howard is struggling to understand the accent and easy-going work ethic of his builder, Duncan. He reluctantly agrees to hire Duncan’s brother-in-law, but finds himself temporarily homeless until the house is fixed and moves in with Heston.