Jimmi is there for Cerys

Jimmi is getting the hang of things on the radio show but things get difficult when Cery’s alcoholic father calls. As Cerys herself starts to become emotionally involved, Jimmi manages to get Cerys’s father to acknowledge that he has a drink problem while keeping the show on air. Cerys opens up to Jimmi about her dad, bringing the two of them closer together.

Karen wakes up in Rob’s arms, excited about spending some quality time with him – but neither knows what to do. As Rob gets stuck into the gardening, Karen decides she wants a romantic day out but neither party can agree. They compromise on a pub lunch – but any chance of romance goes out the window for Karen when Rob brings a mate along.

Meanwhile, Julia and Zara bond, and both are surprised they have so much in common. In a moment when Zara could confide in Julia about her health, a call interrupts and the moment is gone.

Also, Daniel discovers that fixing dolls is much easier than fixing relationships.

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