Jimmi lands the radio job!

Julia accompanies Jimmi to his interview at the radio station and is delighted when producer Cerys turns out to be hot and Welsh! Jimmi struggles through the interview; he’s nervous and not overly confident – but he impresses Cerys with how sympathetic he is. Jimmi gets the job, but as Julia gives him a hug he looks panicked – does he really want this?

Karen is concerned about Michelle and asks Simon to keep an eye on her. Karen tries to chat to Michelle at lunch but Michelle walks out to have lunch alone. Michelle is visited by depressed patient, Anna, who reveals that she’s been having fewer panic attacks, since her estranged mother has been in contact.

But Michelle gets too involved when Anna’s friend, Marisa, admits she’s been pretending to be Anna’s mum in the hope of splitting Anna and her boyfriend Ethan up and Michelle rages at Marisa for abusing her friend’s trust. Simon steps in as Marisa threatens to complain about Michelle and, later, he agrees with Karen that all is not well with Michelle.

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