Jimmi makes a discovery

Sean Noble has been arrested for a fight outside a pub. Jimmi examines Sean’s injuries and suspects something’s not right when Sean says he has no medical records. When DI Lorenzo Morris refuses to let Sean be treated at hospital, Rob assumes Sean is under witness protection, but Lorenzo doesn’t let on.

Jimmi sympathises with Sean, who thinks Jimmi must know the truth. But when Sean opens up to him, the realisation dawns on Jimmi that Sean is the perpetrator of a crime who has been given a new identity. Jimmi Googles a name on Lorenzo’s laptop and is shocked to find articles linking Sean to the abduction and murder of two young boys. He’s been released after 26 years and his identity changed to protect him.

Jimmi is shocked to learn that Sean lives next door to some children. Later, Lorenzo angrily approaches Jimmi as Sean’s photo has been leaked and is all over the press, which means he will have to be moved out of Letherbridge. Jimmi doesn’t confirm or deny he is responsible, but argues why should someone who commits a heinous crime get such protection?

Elaine is looking forward to her day off, with yoga and a visit to a Spa.

But she ends up offering therapy to her chimney sweep, who developed OCD brought on by a major life event.