After more disappointing house-hunting, Jimmi is keen to have a few days off, but Cherry moves on to wedding dates instead, badgering Jimmi into making a decision. They eventually decide on March 24 and a relieved Jimmi sits down for lunch, but Cherry has other ideas and drives him to a house she’s seen. Jimmi’s annoyed – he thought they had given up house-hunting for a while.

Jimmi is forced to admit he loves the house and they call the estate agent to make an offer. But the estate agent warns them that the vendor is away and wants a quick sale so, put on the spot, Jimmi says they’ve already sold their house. Cherry’s anxious, but Jimmi says everything will be fine; they’ll just have to sell their house – and quick!

Meanwhile, it’s D-Day for Heston as the university’s re-enactment trial gets underway, but his ego jeopardises the chance for glory.