Jimmi makes his decision!

Jimmi wakes having had alarming dreams about Eva and Cherry. Later, Eva arrives and feels awkward being back in her old house; she’s had a job offer in London. Eva’s keen to know about Cherry; it’s clear they’re different. Eva senses Jimmi’s moved on and wants to be with Cherry; she’s happy he’s found someone. When Jimmi answers a phone call, Eva sneaks out of the house.

Later, Jimmi finds Cherry, who’s tripped in a flower bed and is covered in mud. Jimmi leaps in to join her and tells her Eva is gone and all he wants is Cherry…

While Lauren continues to give Imogen menial tasks, Julia gets a phone call from Mrs Tembe, who wants to return to The Mill. Julia breaks the bad news to Lauren that now Mrs Tembe is returning they will no longer need a temp.

When Imogen hears the news, she’s over the moon – but Lauren drags Imogen to see Julia and claims her work isn’t up to scratch; she’s been keeping a file on her performance. When Imogen tells Karen later, she gets no sympathy.