After his difficult police surgeon shift yesterday, Jimmi invites Mrs Tembe to lunch but she declines, saying she has errands to run. Jimmi’s later surprised to see her reading her bible in a cafe with a familiar looking man, who introduces himself as Josh Robson – but Mrs Tembe makes it obvious she doesn’t want Jimmi to join them. Later, Jimmi’s still trying to remember where he knows Josh from and checks his police surgeon notes, which reveal he treated Josh for a panic attack.

Jimmi goes to Mrs Tembe with what he knows – he describes how Josh felt hassled by the police and says whatever crime he committed it must be serious for him to feel that way. A furious Mrs Tembe tells Jimmi she’s not in any danger – whatever Josh has done, he has repented for it. She then turns her back on Jimmi making it perfectly clear this conversation is over!

Meanwhile, over at the yoga retreat, smiling instructor Adam persuades Emma not to leave and suggests they go for a walk instead of doing more yoga. Emma agrees but decides she’s going to wipe that smile off his face and takes Adam on what feels like the longest walk of his life until he insists they stop as his hamstring is hurting. Luckily, Emma’s a doctor, so she can help.

Later, Adam reveals he was a tax inspector until his wife died – he ‘found himself’ during a trip to India and that’s how he became a yoga instructor. When they get back, Emma says that, as the attending doctor, she should follow up about his hamstring and smiles as she hands him her business card…

Also, Mandy thinks a regular patient’s new partner is after her money and decides to investigate – but is she right?