It’s Jimmi’s first day back on the radio show and he has to be pushed into going. His new producer isn’t as attractive as Cerys but things start looking up as he receives calls from lots of fans who are full of praise. When Jimmi manages to save the day and diagnose a caller in excruciating pain, the praise continues and Jimmi is so glad he came back.

On his day off, Heston leaves a treasure trail around The Mill to cheer Lily up. Lily secretly loves the fuss he’s made and Ruth and Daniel help her work out the riddles. Lily is delighted when the trail leads to Heston in a village with a vintage sports car. And when Heston can’t start the car, Lily is far from perturbed; there is plenty they can do in the meantime!

Meanwhile, Michelle meets a teenager who insists that the world will end at 3pm today! Michelle struggles to maintain her positive outlook while helping the girl to control her anxiety.

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