Jimmi revels in Daniel’s misery

Daniel sees Zara talking to an attractive man, Michael, in the car park and he gives Daniel the supposedly wonderful news that Joe has tested positive for many indicators of allergies. After Michael has gone, Daniel sourly comments about what a jerk he is. Jimmi witnesses the argument and later fills Zara with doubts about Daniel’s faithfulness while in Australia.

Rod’s prized possession is his Vespa scooter and he tells Niamh that he thinks the scooter is the only reason his long-suffering wife Julie ever agreed to go out with him. But when Rod arrives home to find Julie packing her bags saying she’s fed up of playing second fiddle to a scooter, he reveals he has given it away.

Plus, Daniel wants to slot right back into his responsibilities as a partner, but discovers Jimmi has been given the plum role which had been promised to him.