Jimmi shows his romantic side

It’s Valentines Day and Cherry is mortified to wake up with a cold sore. When Jimmi says the wrong thing any hope of romance quickly dies. Finally, Jimmi sweeps her off her feet as he serenades her in the middle of the surgery.

There’s awkwardness between Daniel and Zara when he tells her he’s taking Lisa to the cinema, while Julia is abandoned when Zara’s South African lover unexpectedly appears.

It’s the day Mrs Tembe is part of the official line-up at St Phil’s to meet The Queen, but it doesn’t go to plan. Heston hurts his back and is replaced by Daniel but after arriving late to the reception, his name isn’t on the list. Eventually they get through but a drinks mishap sees Mrs Tembe rush off to the toilet. With time running out Mrs Tembe battles the crowd, but she gets there just in time to see The Queen get into her car.

Mrs Tembe charges towards her, gift held aloft, calling out “Your Majesty”. The Queen’s security takes one look at the crazy woman and brings Mrs Tembe crashing to the ground. As The Queen drives away we see Mrs Tembe’s face, heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Elaine tries to help a bullied book publisher regain his dignity.

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