A troubled patient, Alfie, tells Jimmi he’s had a premonition that someone is going to hurt him. Alfie’s brother, Barney, then comes to the hospital and tells Jimmi that ‘she’ – their mother – will kill him one day. Alfie sees Alison pinching Barney and Jimmi answers a call from Alfie, who tells him what he saw. At the hospital, Jimmi is waiting with a police officer to take Alison away. She screams for Alfie to tell the ‘truth’ and hits him before she is taken away.

With the social service officer, Ayesha and Bren get into a row and Ayesha storms out. Ayesha talks to Sierra about her life and calls the social worker to tell him she wants Sierra to go to Tracy.

Daniel tells Zara he’s been given a job opportunity in Perth, but she initially dismisses the idea. Back at home, Zara is cooking, and lets Daniel vent about the situation. She admits she was wrong and the offer is perfect timing. Emma wishes Howard well on his holiday and apologises for the way he treated him over Franc.