Jimmi takes pity on Daniel

Daniel skulks into The Mill, carrying all of his possessions in a box, but the other staff have little time for his plight. He begs Lily and Zara for a place to stay, but with no success, and Cherry takes great satisfaction in telling Daniel that what comes around goes around. Simon also tells Daniel he won’t be doing his paperwork anymore. But not everyone’s against Daniel: Heston tries to cheer him up and, later, Jimmi takes pity on Daniel and says he can stay at his.

Elsewhere, Michelle apologises to Cherrry for her behaviour the day before and they agree to go for lunch at The Icon. Meanwhile, Julia offers to treat Ruth to lunch – also at The Icon. When the four bump into each other, Julia suggests they all sit together – but the atmosphere is understandably tense and when Michelle can’t take it anymore, she leaves.

Also, Heston finds himself caught in the middle of a bizarre love triangle when one of his patients unwittingly arrives at The Mill with a body in the boot of his car. Turns out it’s his wife’s lover – and she put him in there!

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