Jimmi tells Michelle some home truths

As a tired Ruth arrives for work, following Michelle’s ‘drunken visit’ the night before, Michelle wakes up with a sore head in a cell at Letherbridge police station. Jimmi arrives for his police surgeon shift and is shocked to see Michelle who is mortified but relieved to see a familiar face.

Jimmi takes Michelle to his flat and covers for her with Karen. But when he checks on Michelle later that day, he decides that she must hear some home truths. Jimmi tells Michelle that she’s got to stop blaming Ruth for everything and needs to face up to what has happened.

Daniel’s in a sulk due to being overlooked for the radio job – and even Simon has no sympathy for him. When Daniel tries to slip out early, Karen tells him straight that there’s no way Julia would give him the radio job – he’d be a PR disaster!

Also, Cherry supports her friend Louise at a family funeral, where she accidentally uncovers a family secret, and Zara lays into Ruth.

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