Jimmi convinces Sissy not to give him any pills as they make him feel ill. Sissy decides to treat him to a little tour of the house and she cuffs him to an old wheelchair. Jimmi is disappointed to see they’re in the middle of nowhere.

He tries to escape but Sissy catches him and tells Jimmi that he needs to be punished, shoving him into the dirty cupboard under the stairs. Jimmi has a panic attack and screams.

After he’s calmed, he finds a pad and pencil which he hides up his sleeve. Sissy and Ivor let him out and put him back in bed. Alone, Jimmi desperately starts to write a letter asking for help.

Also, Rob and Lily try to get to the bottom of an inspector’s uncharacteristically aggressive behaviour and a patient refuses to come out of the toilet after Charlie upsets them.

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