Jimmi visits Mrs Tembe at home

Mrs Tembe’s cooked a feast for Jimmy and he tells her that it’s great to have her back at The Mill. The subject soon turns to the student neighbours when their music cranks up. She tells him she has spoken to them, but that hasn’t helped.

Just as Jimmy tries to tells her that she might be taking on too much she suggests a Mill fete to raise money. The music gets louder and suddenly Mrs Tembe loses it and starts thrashing the wall and shouting loudly at the neighbours. Jimmi is worried about her but, remarkably, it goes silent.

Karen and Rob attend a fostering information evening. As the social worker runs down some fostering facts they are asked to imagine their current life, and then to take away most of the things they consider important, as that is what fostering is like. When they engage in some role play, Rob refuses to return the child/doll to its ‘mother’ and Karen is taken aback by his attitude.

Also, Emma has to deal with a policemen after he’s accused of theft.