Jimmi wants a baby

Howard calls the staff together to tell them Zara may not be coming back, and discusses options for covering her workload as Daniel walks in. This is news to him, and he’s furious, leaving Zara an angry phone message. Meanwhile, Kevin suggests that Jas go full-time, but the partners dismiss the idea as they won’t be able to keep her if Zara returns.

Jimmi urges Cherry to see if she can help Daniel. Running out of excuses, Cherry, pretending to go to the loo, follows Daniel out of the meeting, telling him Jimmi’s worried about him, and begging him not to tell Jimmi about their indiscretion. As she returns to the meeting, Howard makes a bad joke to Cherry as to whether she might be pregnant – always running to the loo and off her food.

As the meeting continues, all staff agree to soldier on for the next two weeks, taking a couple of extra patients each, then see if they’re in a position to offer Jas full-time work.

Later, Jimmi takes Cherry to the side – he’s been thinking that maybe they should try for a baby. This thing with Daniel has made him realise how much he wants this. Cherry tries to skirt around the issue, but realises she can’t say no. She agrees, and Jimmi is delighted. Chimmi are going to try and get pregnant!

Also, Mandy becomes embroiled in a family secret while helping an old friend clear out her house.