Jimmi’s idea to switch the system off and on again has made a big difference. The system is working again, but they’ve lost a considerable amount of data. The good news is that The Mill can begin to start seeing patients again. Now the system is up and running, Jimmi wants to be honest with the patients and give them full disclosure as to what data has been lost, but Zara and Daniel don’t believe that it is good idea.

Valerie is excited by the thrill of her affair with Ashley. The pair have coffee together in the morning, before she starts her shift at The Mill. As the pair get talking, Ashley begins to criticise his wife, Helen, labeling her dull and boring. Will Valerie starts to feel uncomfortable about Ashley’s comments?

Later, Ashley tells Valerie that he loves her and wants to be with her. Valerie feels the same and Ashley tells Valerie that he plans to leave Helen and proposes! Will Valerie say yes?