Jimmi visits Julia at home and she’s embarrassed to be seen in her dressing gown. Jimmi makes some tea and quizzes her about her symptoms but she’s clearly holding something back.

As Julia clears away the tea things she accidentally drops a cup causing her more distress. Jimmi then makes lunch for them both before taking blood to test and speculates that Julia might be suffering from depression, or an infection, or it could just be flu. Is there something she hasn’t told him?

Julia is about to blurt everything out when Jimmi’s phone rings and the moment is lost and she clams up again. Jimmi leaves, concerned. Alone, Julia calls Liam to tell him about her day and says: ‘I’ve had Joe round all day. Cooked me a lovely lunch.’ Why would Julia call Jimmi, Joe?

At the Campus, Elaine and Karen get to know each other better as they deal with the new intake of freshers. Elaine admits that she’s never had children and has recently come out of a relationship.

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