Julia has arranged for Jimmi to sing at a surprise golden wedding anniversary dinner which Alf Scriven has arranged for his wife Evelyn, but Jimmi has a sore throat. Julia doesn’t believe him – until he starts singing and his voice cracks. To top things off, Alf brings in an oversized top-and-tails outfit for Jimmi to wear. In the end, Jimmi persuades Alf to sing instead.

Sam is preparing to leave for six months to further her studies in Archaeology in Egypt and tells Lily she’s unsure whether or not she’ll miss her boyfriend, Andy. She then discovers her boyfriend is terminally ill with lung cancer. He proposes, she accepts, and he asks her to leave university.

Later, Sam has a panic attack and admits she can’t marry him. Lily insists that Andy come clean, so he confesses that he doesn’t really have cancer, but lied because he knew that a break-up was on the cards and wanted to keep her.

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