Sissy Juggins tells her brother Ivor she’s taking ‘their project’ breakfast in bed… it’s Jimmi groggily chained to a bed. Jimmi is so drugged up he can’t fight back. They bring out their lovingly preserved recordings of Jimmi’s radio show.

Julia has to deal with the awkwardness when Heston and Lily arrive for work. To make matters worse the staff room doors have jammed and Jimmi hasn’t tuned up for work – Daniel says he’s probably extended his holiday.

As Julia frets about Jimmi, Heston tries to force open the jammed door only to bang into Lily trying the same thing on the other side. Heston apologises to a frosty Lily for the way things worked out.

Also, Ruth’s overjoyed when she meets the much-loved children’s author Edie Markell, only to find a much troubled relationship between Edie and her daughter.

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