Jimmi attends to Lee, who’s been brought into the station, having been severely beaten and close to losing an eye. As a traveller with a proud fighting heritage, Lee won’t be pressing charges but warns Jimmi that the other guy is extremely dangerous. Jimmi waits to attend to the other prisoner who was brought in for fighting and is shocked when it turns out to be Chris!

When questioned, Chris admits he was trying to get beaten up – the beatings feel cleansing. He’s about to confess why he feels he deserves this punishment when Emma bursts in. Petrified Chris will tell Jimmi about helping his father Sam to die, Emma takes over the examination. When Jimmi pushes Emma to let Chris talk, Emma accuses him of misconduct. Emma manages to get Chris out of the station before he can confess.

Meanwhile, Karen has a challenging session with Anna, who makes her look at herself in the mirror and describe what she sees. Karen sees her mother in her appearance, which leads her to consider her own position as a mother to Jack and Immie. Anna pushes but Karen can’t do it – she’s just begun having some fun with Rob and it’s too soon to start thinking of herself as a mother.

Also, a reluctant Zara gets caught up in the most unusual of love triangles.