Jimmi wakes in a sweat when he dreams of Cherry choking on the ring in her champagne glass. His day goes from bad to worse when the string quartet cancels on him. Kevin arrives to help and calls Daniel, who suggests Jimmi sing instead. They head to the Botanical Gardens but then the caterer calls; they’re running late!

After Jimmi calls Cherry inviting her to a concert at the gardens, his plan begins to fall apart when his keyboard practice is disastrous; Kevin has a nightmare hanging fairy lights; the coolbox is unplugged making the champagne warm; and the engagement ring ends up in the ornamental fish pond!

Kevin retrieves it, but it’s too late, the caterer has gone to the wrong place so Jimmi’s calling it off! Kevin tries to save the day but Jimmi’s had enough! He cancels the whole thing and says he’ll see Cherry at home.

Karen’s worrying that her family is falling apart, so Elaine suggests family therapy. Jack and Imogen seem keen but Karen knows Rob could need some persuading. Will a home-cooked meal do the trick?

Also, Jack is presented with an opportunity to make some easy money – but what’s the catch?

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