On night duty, Jimmi arrives at the house of Sarah, and is shaken to see a poster of himself for his radio show in the hall. Sarah is pleased to see him and so is her daughter Abby, who claims her stomach pains have now gone. As he goes to leave, Jimmi starts having a flashback of being with Sissy, which brings on a panic attack.

Dropping his bag, Jimmi flees the house and gets into his car, shaking. When Abby starts to experience more pain, Sarah rifles through Jimmi’s bag but can’t remember what he said to give her. Sarah goes out to Jimmi’s car and gets him to open up about what happened with Sissy and Ivor before asking for help with Abby. Jimmi successfully makes it back into the house, where he diagnoses Abby’s appendicitis.

Also, Charlie is the victim of prejudice when he dines out with Heston.

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