Jimmi’s good intentions backfire

Jimmi puts his friendship with Al at risk... again!

Jimmi’s preparing for his weekend counselling course, and decides to try out some techniques on Al. When he asks Al about his headaches, Al tells Jimmi he’s due to have a brain scan to get to the bottom of what’s causing them. When Jimmi pushes Al to open up about his father, however, Al realises Jimmi’s using him as a guinea pig for his counselling course. How will Al react?

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe is on cloud nine, after her successful food pitch to St Phil’s hospital. However, she immediately notices that JJ isn’t as happy or willing to celebrate their success. Later, Mrs Tembe questions why JJ hasn’t left for work. He says he’s swapped shifts – but the reality is he’s been sacked! Will he tell Mrs Tembe the truth?