Jimmi’s intrigued by a strange man

At the police station, Jimmi treats a man, Josh, for a panic attack. As Josh signs for his belongings upon being released, Custody Sergeant Brian deliberately tips them onto the floor. Brian won’t reveal why Josh was arrested, all he’ll say is that Josh is not a nice man who’s out on licence and the police wanted to remind him he was on their radar. It’s clear Josh has hit rock bottom as he walks home tearful and depressed about his treatment.

Later, sparks fly at the underwear party when Mrs Tembe realises the organiser, Heather, is selling sex aids rather than kitchen ones. Zara’s finding all the underwear very tacky when she wins a pair of red knickers in the raffle, which trigger a vivid memory for Karen of Zara sleeping with Jack. All of the fury she felt on that day comes back to her and she pounces on Zara, resulting in Mandy and Emma having to pull her off. 

A quick call to Rob confirms Karen’s memory. Zara stomps out and Mrs Tembe walks home utterly humiliated by this evening’s events. Karen starts to cry and Emma vows never to speak of this evening again. What a disaster!