Jimmi’s under pressure…

Jimmi’s feeling the heat as Cherry organises more house viewings for them to do separately. Jimmi’s viewing is a no-go and he receives good news from Rob that he can sell the house with half the proceeds going to Eva. But the pressure is clearly getting to Jimmi, who snaps at Cherry in front of Rob.

Jimmi’s outburst makes Cherry wonder whether he has been telling the truth and, when the estate agent arrives at the Campus, Jimmi realises Cherry doubted his honesty. The pair make up – but Jimmi knows the lies are far from over…

Karen mistakes Mrs Tembe for Julia when she arrives at work with a new wig that has an uncanny resemblance to Julia’s hair. The staff are disappointed when Julia doesn’t notice – even when Karen mistakes her for Mrs Tembe!

Both Julia and Mrs Tembe are aware that people have been acting strangely all day and finally stood side by side they see why! To save further embarrassment, Mrs Tembe produces another wig and they both see the funny side.

Also, Jack is confident he can help Imogen prepare for her impending trial – but has he bitten off more than he can chew?

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