Jimmi’s unhappy at Cherry’s change of plans

Cherry’s running around trying – and in some cases failing – to please everyone and doesn’t want to feel guilty for leaving Imogen on her own at the weekend while she and Jimmi go away. Freya tells her to help the people who appreciate her efforts.

After helping a grateful Imogen with her revision, Cherry makes a decision. When Jimmi comes home she tells him they are not going away this weekend as Imogen needs her more, she’ll make it up to him. Jimmi is shocked!

Mrs Tembe has secretly been helping out her elderly neighbour Gladys, stocking up her fridge and tidying her garden. When Gladys accidentally burns herself, Heston suspects Gladys can’t cope any more and tells Mrs Tembe that Gladys might be better off in a care home. Mrs Tembe accepts this, but is clearly upset as Gladys is led away…

Meanwhile, Kevin suffers from a lack of tact when dealing with a fireman suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He attempts to make up for his naivety, but makes matters worse!