Jimmy and Nicola are busted!

It’s the morning after their night before and Nicola and Jimmy aren’t fighting. They had a great night together, but it was in Declan’s bed at Home Farm (Declan wasn’t in it, too – they don’t go in for the kinky stuff). Next morning they fail to make their getaway before Katie arrives and she quickly works out exactly what they were doing upstairs. She’s happy for Nicola – happier than Nicola is. Nicola says it’s not going to happen again, but Jimmy feels differently and, later that day, he tells Nicola just how he feels: he loves her, he wants her back – and Nicola admits she feels the same way. Hooray!

If only Nikhil was as good with words. Gennie’s cooked him what she thinks is a nice meal, but all Nikhil can see is a plate of food that is going to cost him extra hours in the gym – and he tells Gennie that! Have those tight shirts cut off the blood supply to his brain??? Gennie bins the dinner and Nikhil and she ends up in the pub with dishy Nicky.

Farmer John is upset with Moira because she’s not letting him act like an irresponsible little boy. Tough! Moira doesn’t like the thought of being homeless and who can blame her?!