Jimmy gives Bob an eyeful!

Jimmy’s worried that his vasectomy reversal has left with a bit of problem downstairs, as it were, so he asks his mate Bob to take a look at his crown jewels! Brenda ends up getting an eyeful, too, but both she and Bob agree that Jimmy should see a doctor.

DI Bails tells Pete that he’s got until tomorrow to get Charity to confess to arson. Having turned her back on her mum, Debbie is determined to save Pete from going to prison and suggests that it’s time Charity got her comeuppance before revealing that she’s got a plan. What is she up to?

Vanessa’s had enough of Kirin’s immature antics and admits to Paddy and Rhona that she wants her toyboy to move out sharpish! Is Kirin about to get hurt? Meanwhile, Harriet spots her former colleague DI Bails in the village and tells Ashley that the detective is nasty piece of work…