Jimmy King gives his father-in-law an eyeful!

Jimmy King's utter exhaustion leads to a fiery situation at home in Emmerdale…

Knackered Jimmy King is just about functioning, but little else. Jimmy’s shattered so when he starts cooking he dozily almost ends up setting the house on fire! Bernice arrives in the middle of the chaos, and, after helping out, urges Jimmy to get some proper rest.

But when Nicola and her dad Rodney later come home, they not only get an eyeful of Jimmy in his dressing gown – they discover the house stinks of smoke. Nicola then flips when she hears her sister has, yet again, been hanging out with her husband.

When Chrissie makes it clear to Rebecca that she must choose whether her loyalties lie with ex-lover Robert or with her family, Rebecca takes action. At the Woolpack, she pulls Robert to one side to talk, and when he dismisses her, Rebecca fights back by telling his fiance Aaron about their kiss!

Elsewhere, Frank tries to patch things up with his daughters; Moira confronts Cain; and Emma agrees to help her distraught son Finn track down Kasim, who he rescued from the Emmerdale car smash.