Jimmy has to tell Nicola he has a son

First, Jimmy had to tell Nicola that he remembers nothing about her or about their daughter Angelica. Now he has to tell her he has a mistress and a son who he also doesn’t remember. But first he runs the news past Carl and Scarlett. Carl reacts the way we all reacted: he tells Jimmy to get a paternity test. Already done, says Kelly, when Jimmy and Carl go to see her – and she shows them the results that prove Jimmy is Elliot’s father. It seems that Kelly has all the right answers.

Debbie likes the answer Cameron gives her when she asks him to move in. He very quickly says ‘yes’. Cain, on the other hand, doesn’t even like the idea of having a pint with Cameron, never mind sitting at the same table for breakfast and dinner. Debbie’s going to have to keep her dad on a very short leash.

Alicia doesn’t have the financial resources to fund a lavish birthday for Jacob and she’s not happy about it. Especially when a parcel from Justin arrives for Jacob and the little boy is thrilled. Still, she can afford to take Jacob bowling and invites Andy to come along with Sarah.