Jimmy tells Carl that unless he sorts things out with Lexi, he and Nicola will have to move out. Carl confronts Lexi and tells her that their marriage is over. A desperate Lexi insists that she would rather have her husband than a baby and a weak Carl agrees to give their marriage another go, even though his heart clearly isn’t in it.

Val is feeling contrite and compiles a list of all the people that she’s ever upset. Meanwhile, Pollard agrees to let David move back in and when Val turns up with a bowl of soup as a peace offering Pollard insists that he doesn’t need her any more. A dejected Val vows to make up for her bad ways by apologising to everyone on her list.

Brenda is stressed out about her loan repayments and she snaps and confesses to Bob that she borrowed money from a loan shark and can’t meet her repayments. A shocked Bob insists that Brenda tell Terry but Terry is so chipper about getting the loan to buy the rest of B and B that she doesn’t have the heart.

Also, Nathan warns Ryan away from Katie; Jamie is jealous when Gennie gets a postcard from her holiday romance Dominic.

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