Jimmy kisses Roberta

Jimmy complains about his dire love life, unaware that Matthew has arranged for him a date with an admirer. They arrive home to find Roberta waiting and Matthew tells her to satisfy his brother! Jimmy is hesitant and an offended Roberta collapses in tears. Jimmy comforts her and soon the pair are kissing.

Debbie is forced to ask the Dingles for repayment of Belle’s school fees to cover her mortgage. When Lisa can’t comply, Debbie confesses to Jasmine that she’s worried Carl will take the garage as payment. Zak arrives back from a trip with money to burn and Debbie confronts him. Zak offers her 1,500 with the promise of more to come.

Sam is delighted when Jo gives him a hug for being so supportive. Daz quizzes Sam on his ‘mystery girl’ and encourages him to go for it. Jo invites Sam for a thank-you meal and Sam shows off a new shirt he’s bought for his ‘date’, Lisa is concerned but Sam denies that Jo is his mystery woman.

Also, Lily is intrigued when she discovers the abandoned King van full of electrical goods.