Unaware that Jimmy’s desperate to put some distance between them, Nicola tries harder to get closer to him. While Jimmy’s in The Woolpack with Carl, being reintroduced to some of his neighbours and starting to relax, Nicola bowls in and takes him home for his favourite lunch and a flick through their wedding album. But he doesn’t enjoy either – and he certainly doesn’t want the kiss Nicola offers. Telling her he has no feelings for her, Jimmy moves out.

Charity’s almost ready to move out of Jai’s place when she hears he offered Cain money to stay away. She’s furious that Jai thinks she can be bought and sold and is insulted by his apology: a new dress. But he gives her some sweet talk and tells her the dress is for a special dinner date. Aaaaah, now she’s happy (and clearly can be bought…). And, as a bonus, she gets to humiliate Cain in the pub by telling him Jai’s more of a man than he’ll ever be.

Declan’s quite a man, too… a man of many sides. It’s his devious side on display again when he takes a surveyor to look around Butler’s Farm and asks Adam not to tell Farmer John about it.

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