Jimmy says goodbye to Elliot

This isn’t what Jimmy wanted – he didn’t want to give his son back to Kelly. Nicola doesn’t want the little lad to go, either. Elliot has won Nicola over – but Kelly has won over all. Elliot has missed his mum and wants to go back to her. It’s understandable. But it’s breaking Jimmy’s heart. He doesn’t care about anything right now except that he’s losing Elliot. And that frustrates Carl because he can’t make Jimmy see that they’re also losing their business!

Rachel is determined to make Jai see that he can’t keep their baby a secret – she won’t let him. Ah, Jai hadn’t thought of that. He really hadn’t thought of anything beyond getting Rachel to agree to have his baby. Now Rachel is telling him he can’t have his baby and Charity. Oh. Jai has to tell Charity about Rachel. He knows this but he just doesn’t know how to do it.

Victoria doesn’t know how to make things up with Alex. She says she hates him, but Andy can see she doesn’t. The trouble is, Alex isn’t interested in making up with Victoria – he’s flirting with Moira! And he thinks she could be his cougar!