Things are looking up for Jimmy when he’s offered a one-off delivery contract from the Sharma brothers.

Paddy goes ballistic when he hears what Aaron has done. He knows he has to convince Aaron to end his one-man campaign to rid the world of Carl King, but how? Reluctantly, he sets up a meeting between Aaron, Chas and Carl. The lad doesn’t have to become Carl’s mate, he just has to stop trying to kill him and accept that he and his mum are together. Chas tries to get through to her son but fails. He won’t say he’s sorry; he won’t say much of anything. A heartbroken Chas tells him she’s done with him. She walks away and Aaron is devastated by her rejection.

Meanwhile Carl, who’s already wound up by Aaron’s insolence, turns his fury on Chastity as she leaves The Woolpack. He’s convinced she’s only back in Emmerdale to get her hands on some of the money Cain stole from the Kings. And he’s not happy when Charity tells him that money is long gone. Is it?

Also at The Woolpack, Mark and Natasha are enjoying some time together – and then in walks Faye, with Jai at her side. Natasha’s happy to see her with a man, but Mark doesn’t seem to share her joy…

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