With no memory of what a nasty piece of work Carl can be, Jimmy has no trouble talking to him. And, to be fair, Carl is doing his best to steer Jimmy back into Nicola’s arms. Nicola, however, isn’t good at painting a pretty picture of herself. Over dinner with Jimmy, she tells him all about how she was taken to court for biting Viv’s child. Yeah, that’s the way to his heart, Nicola… not! Unsurprisingly, Jimmy can’t see why he ever loved this woman and later tells Carl that’s what he’s going to tell Nicola.

Nikhil’s out of the bin Cain dumped him in and makes his feelings about the whole Cain/Charity/Jai mess quite clear to his brother, who makes his feelings clear to Cain: bullying Nikhil isn’t going to get Charity back. Then, because Jai thinks money speaks louder than words to Cain, he offers him money to leave them all alone. Big mistake. Climbing on to the moral high ground (very unfamiliar territory for him), Cain tells Jai he doesn’t sell people he loves.

Still trying to sell the pub, Diane has an interested buyer. It’s Chas! So that’s a straw in everyone’s pint of lager then…

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