Jimmy tells Nicola it’s over

The situation goes from bad to worse for Nicola. Charity convinces her to lie to the police to stop them finding out Jimmy had exceeded his legal driving hours, knowing it puts the business at risk. But despite Charity’s scheming, Jimmy doesn’t want to go that route and confesses all to the detectives. Worse still, he tells Nicola he’s leaving her for her betrayal with Steve.

Amy wakes up with Andy and decides the farmer’s slept with her out of pity. Meanwhile, Joanie pitches up at the B&B to talk to the teen. Pollard’s going out of his mind trying to track down Amy, who bowls up at the 11th hour. The teen’s thrilled when Joanie reveals she can’t keep her from Kyle. And to top it off, Andy asks her to be his girlfriend!

When Marlon tells Laurel that Ashley can move in if it’s what she wants, the disgraced vicar thinks they’re over. In the end, he accepts a room with Sandy and Edna, and misinterprets Laurel’s disappointment.