Poor Nicola is the talk of the village over the hoo-ha with Amba. All she did was take Priya’s baby for a walk and get locked in a barn! Worst of all, husband Jimmy was one of her doubters. With the Kings’ marriage already on the rocks, Rodney warns his son-in-law he better do something to wow Nicola… In The Woolie, will Jimmy’s ‘Top Gun’ routine put the romance back into their relationship?

David has a word with Lachlan when he finds the teen has given Alicia a posh handbag. While unaware Chrissie wonders who her son is getting all these gifts for, David tells Alicia that Lachlan has a crush on her. Not wanting to knock the young lad’s confidence, Alicia tries her best to be gentle when she returns the inappropriate present.

Up at the prison, unbeknown to Moira, Cain has taken Noah to visit Charity. What is it that she wants to say to her ex, Cain, in a snatched moment alone? Ali’s upset to hear Rachel has got a job in Luton.