Jimmy unwittingly helps Carl’s killer!

Poor Jimmy! He gives Cameron some of Carl’s blackmail money and he gives him back his truck so he can get away from Cain and Zak, but he has no idea he’s handing his brother’s murderer a way out of Emmerdale and out of the reach of the cops. Meanwhile, Debbie has shown the cops pictures of Chas and Cameron and Chas has admitted Carl was blackmailing her and that she hit him with a brick! But she tells the cops she only hit Carl because he was trying to rape her. It was self defence! She didn’t mean to kill him! And she didn’t kill him – but the only person who knows that is Cameron and it looks like he’s going to do a runner.

Before Cameron goes anywhere, though, he explains everything to Dan, telling him about the blackmail and how his affair with Chas was over before she married Dan. Oh, that’s all right then! But it does make Dan stop and think and he goes to the cop shop, hoping to see Chas. If it’s a honeymoon he wants, though, he’s got no chance.

Megan and Robbie are on the move, too – but they’re not going as far as Declan and Katie hoped they would. Megan’s helped herself to the keys to Mulberry Cottage (where Laurel and Ashley lived) and moves in with her little boy.