Jimmy’s been doing overtime… with Kelly!

You know all that extra work Jimmy has been doing? Well, it turns out he’s been doing it on Kelly Windsor. Remember her? She was the bride Jimmy jilted at the altar in 2007 when he found out she had aborted their baby. Jimmy’s been meeting Kelly in secret and giving her money. Why? Why would Jimmy go there again? He’s got a wife who loves him (in her own slightly sadistic way) and a daughter he adores, so why is he going anywhere near Kelly? He’s going to regret it – and quickly, as it happens. Sitting in his truck and arguing, an angry Kelly lashes out and hits Jimmy over the head with a torch. Then she runs off and leaves him unconscious in the truck…

Back in Emmerdale, the villagers are taking in the truth about Henshall. Quite a few of them owe Andy a big apology. Step forward Brenda, Gennie, Turner, Betty, Chas, Carla… And let’s not forget Katie. She begs Andy for forgiveness.

Derek should be begging Lisa for forgiveness, but instead he turns up at The Woolpack as the Dingles gather to celebrate Lisa’s birthday, making it far from happy for her. He even has the nerve to give her a card!